Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fall Reflections: Monarch Migration Snapshot

On a gusty and sunny September 29th, 2012, the monarchs were feasting, some right out my window on the non-native english ivy, nourishing themselves with nectar to prepare for the long journey ahead.

Evening was drawing near and they congregated en masse in the evergreens next to the dunes at the end of Cape Avenue. The following morning had the promise of a good time to cross the wide Delaware Bay.

The day closed with a beautiful sunset.

The next morning was sunny and mild and off they soared, by the dozens, a continuous flow, up over the dunes, like miniature birds,

over the sands,

and on over the bay waters, off to Mexico. 

So an amazing journey, 
an animal so delicate and fragile can endure and fly so very far.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Tide: Clocks and Charts

"The little waves, with their soft, white hands,
Efface the footprints in the sands,
And the tide rises, the tide falls."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Knowledge of the tides is important for boating, fishing, beach exploring and weather events. There are about 12 hours between each high tide in the Cape May area. Tide heights currently are about 4.5 feet high and increasing in the coming days. (see: 

To keep track of the tides, I use a beautiful tide clock, a gift for Christmas, which hangs in my kitchen area, purchased from Bey Berk International ( 

and also the Tide Prediction Chart.  
A link to these charts is available to use on the right side bar of this blog - be sure to check it out and use regularly. The chart also includes moon and sun rise and setting times as well, which greatly influence the tides. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Day's End in January

In late January, we bundled up and raced down to the beach to catch the last rays of the day's sunshine.

The beach was empty except for some gulls and great shells and other washed up goodies.

The sunset was stunning!

Heading back, we noticed the moon 

and the lighthouse's comforting beam racing over the treetops. 

Favorite Travel Bag

For trips back and forth to Cape May, I so enjoy using the Vera Bradley bag 
my daughter surprised me with. 

It is perfect - covered in flowers with birds and butterflies.