Monday, August 19, 2013

The Gathering

On a recent visit in early August to the Point on an overcast, rainy, cool day, there were several groups of mixed shore birds congregating together, including Laughing Gulls, Royal Terns, Common Terns and other gulls. There were 4 different groups spread out along the shore ranging in size 
from 25 to 50 birds. 

The Royal Tern, like this one here, has a bright orange beak, a forked tail and a white head crowned with a black crest and black legs and feet.

Common Terns, such as this one, have a reddish and black tipped bill and black capped heads and bright orange legs and feet. They have started their migration southward, traveling as far as Peru and Argentina. 

This Royal Tern with its black tipped wings and white capped and black fringed head 
is ready for take off -